Local feeling – Global acting

Young Friulan artists’ accounts about
love for art and linguistic-cultural identity


Project financed by ARLeF – Agjenzie Regjonâl pe Lenghe Furlane




To be young, to be artist, to be Friulan, to be Frisian, to be Welsh,…

Individual and collective identities and  minority language as a symbol  of belonging to a really small community in the omnivorous  worldwide  globalization.

INT = people (in Friulan), ART = art, that is to say: artists, art people. And also INTernational/ARTist.

Here and now, young musicians, illustrators directors, actors, dancers, photographers and many others protagonists of creativity are expressing  themselves in a minority language.

INT/ART is about their accounts in an original television production: local because of the language of communication, international for the popularizing capacity.

INT/ART aims to stimulate a reflection on the influence and the role that linguistic and cultural identity play over young creatives in various artistic disciplines.


The project is made of three series for an amount of 15 short monographic documentaries lasting 13′ each.
HD format.
Original language: Friulan;  subtitles: Italian, English.


The tale develops as a puzzle of reflections, thoughts and confessions of the protagonist to a listener, who’s likely to be outfield. Locations concern the most symbolically important  places.

The protagonist describes his/her childhood and the relationship  with his/her mother, how the passion for art rose and the connection between his/her interest for art and  that of his/her relatives.

Slowly we get to know the social and cultural context in which he/she qrew up and how passion became profession.

We can observe him/her in his/her every day life, dealing with relatives, friends, colleagues. Pieces of dialogues that give an answer to some implicit questions. How difficult is to express your own creativity in a minority language? How do local people greet  your works? And outside your region? Do language provide a different sensibility in comparison with other artists? How do your own cultural roots match with the need for contamination and innovation? Which are the future  perspectives?

Listening to him/her we can see him/her at work. The creative production is illustrated in small features: hands kinetics, face expression, work instruments, focus on details.


First series – Music

The protagonists of the first series are musicians of the latest friulan generations. We will focus on representatives of musical genres that combine different elements of interest from executive virtuosity to lyrics originality, from the inclination to tell about their region to the ability of involving the public during the performances.

Alessandro Mansutti

Alessandro Mansutti

Engineer and jazz musician, he’s a refined drummer. He played at the Qurinale in Rome as in little province clubs. The character of this young artist can be summed up in  a sentence:  “as for life, a mistake in the rhythm of jazz can become a creative act”.
Claudia Grimaz

Claudia Grimaz

“Voice as an instrument of passion that lasts a whole life”. Theatre and music in relation with the best artistic expressions of our time, with a solid formation, brought her to be one of the most appreciated singers and interpreters of popular and sophisticated music at an international level.
Dek Ill Ceesa

Dek Ill Ceesa

From the Carnia meadows to the metropolis hip hop scene he never stopped telling about his people and the facts of his mother land with a unique strength and sincerity. Village accounts are transformed into street poetries in which new generations can find a mirror.
Elsa Martin

Elsa Martin

Expressing with the voice a sincerity and a sense of belonging to the world of art, giving body and soul, is the main characteristic of this young singer. A peculiarity that high level musicians notice as well as an aware public , who appreciate its profundity.
Rudy Citossi

Rudy Citossi

Inventor of narratives embedded in the brackish surrounding of Southern Friuli, so incredible the way they sound true. This young and careful observer of reality can absorb, in his song texts, the profound generational essence of his Friulan peers, and to transform it in an original ironic and acute literary production.

Second series – Visual arts

The second series is dedicated visual arts and to those young artists who express themselves in several artistic languages. Those artists are young illustrators, graphic art experts, comics creators, photographers, and sculptors.

Alice Durigatto

Alice Durigatto

There are some peculiar moments in which body movements and facial looks talk in a language that only photography can capture. Alice’s work is to research those moments in every crowd during the concerts or any other event that takes place in her motherland. This is a truly good chance to discover how the world around her is.

Carin Marzaro

Carin Marzaro

Her drawings and graphics have a characteristic sign that distinguish every magazine, picture, CD cover and design for events or festivals that Carin makes. At the same time, she is also an expert bass player. With her competence she knows how to assimilate every symbolic image of the contemporary friulan environment.

Edi Carrer

Edi Carrer

A prolonged settling of his life experiences produces those powerful visions that inspire the shapes and the structures of Edi’s work. The stone that comes from ancient and savage quarries can become almost everything: it could be an alien astronaut transformed into a skull, or the spirit of lost childhood that relives in a pair of little shoes made in white marble, or even…

Luca Malisan

Luca Malisan

Thanks to his beautiful figures and his skills of computer graphics, Luca is able to invent brand new worlds that come from ancient time and place but look familiar to those who read through them. The stories that he and his team create can transport the reader to imaginary words in which the outlines of the mountains, the architectures of the castles and the shapes of the lakes have a friulan tone.

Michele Bazzana

Michele Bazzana

Visual artist
Faded colours and particulates are residual materials of an operation that does not define a function. Michele’s research starts from here and tries to bring those excess back to structure, photography or performance by leading them to an expectation that ends up in a cloud of dust or pixel. His works are a testing ground in which he calls into question the potentiality of the machinery. The mistake, the variable and the try are the only permanent feature of his work.

Third series – Performative arts

The third series is devoted to performative arts: protagonists of theatre, contemporary dance and performances, together with those of circus arts and jugglery who give life to plays with the use of voice and the body movement using tools of the circus tradition or street performing.

Aida Talliente

Aida Talliente

Actress and director
Preparing a theatrical play is not only an intellectual work, but it includes also a physical training. This is what Aida has learnt in the past few years by collecting stories without voice, unknown or forgotten, from all over the world. These are stories of men and women that mark her route of deep and personal theatrical research. Eventually the audience receives the words, the gestures and the looks of those people, along with all their profound humanity.

Anna Gubiani

Anna Gubiani

Anna has had a critical look and an experience of artistic advice behind her, and she is always looking for quality and perfection in texts, performances and theatrical organisation. She develops her activity within the system of German theatre companies but also in specific contexts like friulan dramaturgy. Her work is based upon precise observation of human mechanisms: an infinite resource to create every kind of contemporary artistic language.

Davide Perissutti

Davide Perissutti

Circus artist
Davide’s personality has two natures: one is profound and meditative, and comes from his philosophy studies, and the other is light and creative, all devoted to the world of art. He learned by himself acrobatics and object handling and he is one of the pioneers of circus art in the friulan context. He managed to bring back to his homeland and to put into practise what he has learned in the main circus schools around the wold. He seems like an artisan at work, but instead of materials he uses bodies and movements of acrobats and jugglers.

Federico Scridel

Federico Scridel

Comic talent is natural and genetic, and you cannot learn it by studying the technique. This is what Federico learnt while he was attending theatre academy. Here he improved his ability in reaching a perfect harmony with his audience, especially with kids. While he works on independent productions, he continues his theatre courses with elementary and middle school kids: Federico tries to use friulan language with them in a creative, funny and unexpected way.

Martina Tavano

Martina Tavano

Dancer and choreographer
When art is a total passion and music its true embodiment, dance becomes an urgent expression and a reason to live. This is the moment when body turns into a musical instrument of research, experimentation, study. Dancing is an infinite search among genres, contaminations, languages, disciplines. Martina is a dancer, a performer and a teacher.



Fondo Audiovisivo FVG

Regione Autonoma Friuli Venezia Giulia


Dorino Minigutti

Script Editor
Dorino Minigutti, Giorgio Cantoni

Giorgio Cantoni

Debora Vrizzi

Camera Assistant
Francesco Snidero

Sound engineer
Francesco Morosini, Havir Gergolet, Marco Cecotto

Andrea Guarascio

Editing Assistant
Lorenzo Fabbro, Luca Fornasiero

Set Photographer
Rebecca Colle


Production Manager
Gabriella Ziraldo

Production Assistant
Anna Di Toma

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